waterwise drought tolerant gardens
Is the drought really over?

Although the recent drought is significant, Melbourne has had water restrictions imposed on more than fifteen separate occasions since the 1930's -
all of which were to conserve water during drought. Australia is the driest continent on earth, and drought is a naturally reoccurring event - however by respecting this and planning for it, we can still have an attractive, enjoyable and maintainable garden and outdoor environment.

Through careful planning, we can also prepare for future climate change - view case studies of a courtyard entertainment area and a frontyard garden which have been designed and successfully maintained following waterwise principles.





Project 1
Is your garden drought proof?
This one is ....


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drought proof waterwise garden


Project 2
Did you know that a waterwise garden
need not look harsh &  uninviting?


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waterwise entertainment courtyard




Drought Tolerant Waterwise Gardens


                  traditional contemporary alfresco


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Drought Proof your Garden with WaterWise Tips

1. Harvest rain water from house roof (tanks)
    How much rainfall can I collect?
    What tank type(s) should I purchase?

2. Storage and use of grey water
    What is the difference between light grey water and dark grey water?
    Pros and cons of grey water use
    What diverter system should I use?

3. Addition of organic material such as compost or water holding granules
Did you know that these elements can do your garden a lot of good?

4. Use of surface mulch such as eucamulch or even river pebbles
They are waterwise-friendly. Find out why.

5. Lawn
    Did you know that there are a number of drought tolerant lawn varieties available?
    Or why not ditch the lawn mower and replace your half dead lawn with synthetic turf?

6. Design Tips
and more .... Scott Brown offers more waterwise design tips

Click here for full article on drought proofing your garden with waterwise tips


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