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Backyard & Garden Design Ideas

Issue 6.5 Oct/Nov 2008

"Courtyard Accord"
Pg 70 - 71

Scott transforms this rear garden into a practical and inspiring courtyard style entertaining space.
" ..... creating a sense of unity was the key to success when transforming this backyard ...... "

Lifestyle Pools

Edition 106  2008

"Bush Ballad"
Pg 22 - 23

See how Scott Brown achieves this contemporary, low maintenance,
multifunctional drought proof 'slice of the bush' in suburban Melbourne.
" ..... with Melbourne on long term water restrictions, this savvy pool and landscape designer turns to drought tolerant plants that thrive under all weather conditions ..... "

Backyard & Garden Design Ideas

Issue 3 Sep 2008

"Rain, Rain, .... Come again"
Pg 44 - 48

Rainwater is a precious resource, so you don't want to waste a drop ....
Read an article written by Scott Brown, on rain water collection, harvesting, storage and usage in the garden.

Backyard & Garden Design Ideas

YEARBOOK  Issue 6.3 Jun/Jul 2008

"Take it Outside"
Pg 74 - 76
A well-planned outdoor entertaining structure gives genuine sense of place ....
Read this article written by Scott on outdoor entertaining structures and their incorporation into the outdoor environment.

"Pleasure Precinct"
Pg 78 - 81
An off-centre focal point adds an unexpected element to an otherwise symmetrical design ....
See a stunning backyard makeover in which Scott uses counterpoise to combat asymmetry in this formal entertaining oasis.

Home at Yellow

Online article June 2008

"Classy Courtyard Design" - Display Room
Landscape designer Scott Brown creates a subtle but classy courtyard garden for himself and his wife.

My Home

Vol 2 No. 12 June 2008

"Down the Garden Path"
Pg 116 - 117
Landscape designer Scott Brown talks to Tess Kerbel about style, creativity and the inner sanctuary.

"The Enchanted Garden"
Pg 133 - 135
See this timeless backyard transformation.
"From drab to drop-dead gorgeous - all this space needed was a splash of Scott Brown's modern magic"


No. 31 Apr/May 2008

"Poolside Profiles"
Pg V46 - V47
This pool, Alfresco kitchen, entertaining area and surrounding garden, ticks all the boxes when it comes to the home owner's lifestyle wish list, and Scott's design sits perfectly within its coastal setting on the Mornington Peninsula.

Backyard & Garden Design Ideas

Issue 6.2 Apr/May 2008

"Street Appeal"
Pg 12 - 14
Read this Scott Brown article on the importance of the front garden, making a good first Impression.
"Most often the front garden is viewed from the street, providing a 'snap shot' of the home and garden together."

Lifestyle Pools

Edition 105  2008

"Classic Beauty"
Pg 108 - 109
See another Classic Scott Brown creation.
"A Symmetry of design gives cohesion to outdoor and indoor area...."

Backyard & Garden Design Ideas

Issue 6.1 Feb/Mar 2008

"The Perfection of Pebbles"
Pg 38 - 39
Scott writes an article on the use of pebbles in the modern landscape. "The resurgence of natural building and landscaping materials, in particular natural stone, has paved the way for the greater and more creative use of pebbles and feature rocks in the garden."

"Contemplate this"
Pg 40
See how Scott has created a dry streambed, fashioned from pebbles, to form a centre piece in a restful retreat.

Lifestyle Pools

Edition 104  2007-2008

Pg 116 - 117

Faced with a deteriorating pool interior and coping in urgent need of an upgrade, pool specialist Scott Brown transforms an unappealing scene into a glorious suburban swimming retreat.
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