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2003 - 2006


Lifestyle Pools

Edition 102  November 2006

Showcase 07  Another Scott Brown Landscape Design project
Pg 34- 35 
This pool, alfresco dining area and garden combines classical and contemporary elements to give this modern, contemporary home a timeless appeal which won't date. The pool and creek bed which runs into it had to be constructed prior to the house construction because of access problems. This meant the entire outdoor environment had to be designed before house construction even commenced. The result is a unique blend of modern materials and classical elements which provide a contemporary, drought-proof and low maintenance outdoor environment.
The house and garden relate to each other on every level and this successful combination helped this home win the award Contemporary Home of the Year 2003*
* 2003 Building Designers Association of Victoria
  Best Residential Design of a Project Home

Backyard Design Ideas

Issue 4.3  Aug/Sep 2006

"Less is More"

Pg 44-46
This Japanese courtyard features a lagoon, complete with bridge and bubbling water feature.
The outlook and sounds, both at night and day, transcend the suburban 'jungle' beyond.
"...... Garden designer Scott Brown employed a modern, minimalist approach to transforming this courtyard ....."

Backyard Design Ideas 

Issue 4.2  June/July 2006

"Modern Classic" 

Pg 70 - 74
Combining modern materials with traditional elements, garden designer Scott Brown has delivered a landscape that won't date...

"Picture Perfect" - Pool Showcase
Pg 130-131
A 'floating' pool offers panoramic views of the surrounding bushland...

Lifestyle Pools

Edition 101  April/May 2006

Showcase Article

Pg 174 - 175
Designer Scott Brown transformed an outmoded swimming pool and in the process converted a boring backyard into a bold outdoor entertainment space...

Trends Outdoor Living
& Holiday Home

Vol 22 No. 3  2006

Click on picture to read article

Pg 102 - 105
This classic-look garden achieves an air of mystery by only allowing strategic glimpses of its different areas from any one vantage point.

Backyard Design Ideas

Issue 4.1  March 2006

"Modern Classic"

Pg 48 - 49
A formal design creates a 'sense of place'. "Scott has designed this elegant and spacious front garden as a decidedly formal affair...  

"Courtyard Chic"
Pg 66 - 69
A City townhouse "ringed' by courtyards...  "Garden designer Scott Brown weaves his magic on a series of small courtyards.... 

Life Style Pools

Edition 100  October 2005


"Design Trends"

Pg 50 - 56
As pools are becoming more and more popular, 'Life Style' asks Scott what's on his wish list for 2006. The article also features a number of his pools and spas and discusses the importance of integrating the pool/spa with the rest of the outdoor environment.

"Showcase 37"
Pg 174 - 175
"This modern pool takes its brief from the modern, cuboid design of the home". This pool features square edged pool coping (limestone) and has an underground wine cellar beneath the paving. The pool helps control the cellar temperature.
This pool and garden was the scene for several episodes of the Channel 9 police drama show 'Stingers'.

The Great Pool Planner
This essential guide for pool design is attached to the magazine, and features images of several of Scott's pools, spas and water features.
It also features one of Scott's pool and garden plans on pages 8-9.

Good Garden Design

Issue 1  October 2005  (inaugural edition)

"Family Affair"

Pg 54 - 58
"All it takes is a dash of Asian spice to create a family garden with a difference."
The renovation of a 1957 double brick residence, was the starting point for Scott to create a unique outdoor environment. Having undertaken the design of the client's last garden, the relationship continues.....

Backyard Design Ideas


"The Zen Factor "
Pg 86 - 89
This has proven to be a popular garden courtyard for critics and owners alike. Featured in a number of magazines both here and internationally, this Asian-inspired garden is a tranquil parents' retreat and their meditative oasis.


Outdoor Living Trends



A small garden is transformed into a private courtyard for entertaining

NZ Outdoor Living Trends



“Order in the Court”
Pg 56 - 59
Scott has used overlapping design styles on a small site to make a big impact on this Neo-Georgian town house.                                                    

NZ Outdoor Living



“Softly, Softly”
Pg 76 - 79
See the blending of traditional and contemporary as Scott has used colourful plants, free flowing borders to soften the sharp lines of this home, whilst instilling a naturally inspired pond as a foil between garden, entertaining area and the house.

Life Style Pools

Edition 99  April/May 2005

"Some like it hot"
Pg 52 - 55
See several spas and spa pools designed by Scott and featured in this article on spas.

"Perfect Plantings"
Pg 80 - 81
Read Scott's tips for selection of plant material for pool side locations - including several pool and plant combinations designed by Scott.

"Show Case 30"
Pg 148 - 149
A classic timeless pool, indoor spa and courtyard designed by Scott prior to house construction. The elegance of the indoor and outdoor environments combine to provide both practical and visual splendour day or night, Summer or Winter.

The Herald Sun

May 7th 2005

"Now and ZEN" 

A contemplative courtyard inspired by Zen Buddhist Philosophy, designed by Scott as a 'Parental Retreat'

Home & Apartment Trends



An Eastern-inspired courtyard designed by Scott provides respite for the clients from the outside world.

Lifestyle Pools

Issue no.98  2004

See a classic pool within a large formal garden on the Mornington Peninsula. Scott designed the garden eight years ago, and was invited back to complete the setting with a pool. The pool had to be designed such that it appears as if it was included in the original garden design, and so Scott decided to alter a small part of the garden in order for this to be achieved. The result is featured on pages 188-189.

For Your Garden - Garden Styles

Spring Issue 2004

Featuring an article on how Scott Brown Landscape Design placed the 'Zen' back into a parents' courtyard retreat and created a tranquil respite from the everyday pressures of life.

Oasis - Design For Outdoor Living

Volume 2  2004 Edition

Scott has written the feature article on a courtyard garden he designed with several senses in mind. "Sound and vision - the gentle trickle of water creates a backdrop to the beauty of the landscape, with its vibrant textural planting and points of interest."


Gardens & Outdoor Living

April 2004 Edition

This property contains an amazing swimming pool within a very large formal structured garden on the Mornington Peninsula.


Lifestyle Pools

Issue no.97  April 2004

See a classic pool and garden incorporated together by Scott to achieve a wonderfully harmonious environment. Also, read the feature article on spas and how to increase their use all year round Several spas designed by Scott are featured.


Outdoor Living Trends

April 2004


"Look to the east "
An Asian style courtyard, designed by Scott. 'A private outdoor extension of a master bedroom, this courtyard imparts a sense of order and a spirit of tranquility and calm.'

Home Beautiful

March 2004

See Scott's successful implementation of a large natural pond with in a suburban garden and entertaining area. This projects sees the combination of natural and man made materials with careful plant selection and aquatics, to produce a harmonious environment for the owner and her much loved frogs.

Home Beautiful

February 2004

Bored by your uninspiring garden? Dreaming of an unique Balinese oasis in the middle of Melbourne? See Scott's inspirational solution, in full colour.


Australian Trends Renovations



"Unearthing the potential"
This expansive garden comprises pockets of outdoor spaces, each linked by repeated elements of planting, paving and garden accessories.

Your Garden

January 2004 Edition

Two feature articles : Swimming Pools and Shade Sails
Both articles feature examples of Scott's successful integration of these structures in various outdoor environments (Home Gardens).


Outdoor Living Trends



"Formal Welcome"
Scott has designed a formal structured garden and pool with sweeping rural views.

Alfresco - Pacific Garden Design

Spring 2003 Edition (New Zealand)

"Wet Your Appetite"
A number of Scott's projects are featured in the article, in which Scott reflects on the trends in Australian pool, spa, and water feature design.

Lifestyle Pools

November edition 2003

An Asian influenced pool and spa designed by Scott.

Read Scott's article about pool area planting in Melbourne.


Outdoor Living Trends

March 2003 edition


"Tropical Flavour"
View and read about this Balinese style garden designed by Scott, illustrating how a tropical garden can be implemented in Melbourne.
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